Kontaktstelle für Umwelt und Entwicklung (KATE) e.V.

Kontaktstelle für Umwelt und Entwicklung (KATE) e.V.

The “Kontaktstelle für Umwelt und Entwicklung (KATE) e.V.” (Contact Point for Environment and Development) was founded in 1988 in the GDR and is a non-profit association that has set itself the goal of responsibly helping to shape a sustainable world through environmental and development education work. We offer a wide range of activities for different age groups.

The Berlin Development Education Programme – benbi

The Berlin Development Education Programme (benbi) takes place annually in one week in November. KATE coordinates this colourful week of action together with numerous non-governmental organisations and educational advisors. Together with peers from all over Berlin, school classes from the 3rd to the 13th grade take part in development policy workshops around the respective theme of the year. Educators can learn about the content and methods of global learning in a workshop. A stage programme as well as annually changing components such as cinema forum, audio contributions, exhibitions and/or information stands round off the programme.

Link: https://www.kate-berlin.de/bildung/benbi-berliner-entwicklungspolitisches-bildungsprogramm/

The Climate Breakfast – How our food affects the climate

Food and climate protection? How are they connected? With the educational programme “The Climate Breakfast – How Our Food Affects the Climate”, KATE e.V. brings this connection closer to children and adults.

The focus of the project is on the complex issue of climate change and the influence our diet has on it. Through their own actions, thinking, participating and experiencing, many new experiences are gained. Participation of the participants is in the foreground, while a joint breakfast forms the core of the educational offer.

Link: https://www.kate-berlin.de/bildung/klimafruehstueck/

My mobile phone and I – The global consequences of mobile phone use

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. On average, they are only used for 18 months, after which they are replaced. According to estimates, 125 million old mobile phones lie unused in a drawer or box in Germany.

What global impact does our mobile phone consumption have on the environment and on people? “My mobile phone and me – the global consequences of mobile phone use” addresses this question using the life cycle of mobile phones as an example. We offer project days for pupils in the first and second cycle of education as well as for extracurricular places of learning. Experienced speakers, who are trained by KATE, come to their class and conduct a mobile phone project day.

Link: https://www.kate-berlin.de/bildung/handy/

A good life for all? – The global consequences of our way of life using the example of everyday consumption and consumer goods

The project “A Good Life for All?!” builds on KATE’s many years of experience in various project areas. Using four concrete examples (mobile phones, cars/e-mobility, streaming and textiles), pupils and young people learn about global consequences such as human rights violations, environmental damage and the loss of agricultural land and relate these to everyday consumer behaviour and lifestyles. Within the framework of project days, pupils and extracurricular youth groups are introduced to the complex topic using global learning methods, a change of perspective is made possible and possibilities for action for sustainable consumption and a world community based on solidarity are developed together.

Link: https://www.kate-berlin.de/bildung/gutes-leben/

Digital educational materials

Digital media, such as games and online learning applications, video and audio materials can be used free of charge on our website

Link: https://www.kate-berlin.de/bildung/lernen-und-spielen/

Booking educational speakers

Here you can request speakers who will come to your institution, conduct the educational activities and bring all the relevant materials with them:

Link: https://www.kate-berlin.de/anfragen/

Borrow a material case

If you would like to run our educational programmes on your own, you can borrow our material cases here:

Link: https://www.kate-berlin.de/materialien/#koffer


Here you can view our brochures and order them online if you are interested:

Link: https://www.kate-berlin.de/materialien/


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